Nuno Dario is an explorative, classically-trained composer. His music for films, concert, multimedia, and advertising campaigns has been heard and performed internationally from the U.S. to Angola.
Nuno's eclectic body of work reflects his musical concerns which go far beyond musical mainstream. His compositions often move between music genres, sound design and music, stretching their boundaries and questioning their definitions.
Nuno's music signature is dramatic intensity. He writes music that aims to speak to the audience emotionally and intellectually regardless of styles, genres or media.

Photo by: Miguel Matos

"Working with Nuno was an absolute delight!"

-  James Doyle (Director, Rose)



Nuno began taking music seriously as a teenager. Nuno played guitar, sang and programmed drum machines in his several cover bands, dedicated to 60's music, hard rock and pop.


His love for classical music led him to study classical guitar, piano and composition, thus leading to his graduation in composition from Lisbon College of Music.


Nuno moved to Los Angeles to work and study film scoring at UCLA while finishing his last compositions for his Ph.D. (film music, cross-genre and contemporary composition) that he got from Royal Holloway College, London. His doctorate was fully funded by the FCT Scholarship awarded by the Portuguese state.

Nuno has also been involved as director in non-profit music organisations, assistant director of the Lisbon-Estoril Music Festival, conducting orchestras, and founded the first fully dedicated original music for ads company in Portugal, Ad Music Fuel. Nuno works in Lisbon, L.A. and London. 

"One of the best aspects of working with Nuno is his ability to enter completely into the intentions of the director, adding his own creative input and understanding."

-  Sharon Massey (Director - The Goat, or who is Sylvia?)

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